Work Entry

Added: 4/15/2024

We sincerely want to know God’s will for our lives concerning our future together. Therefore, we see the mentoring process as a way to understand and learn many of the practical issues in marriage before they become problematic. Our objective is not merely to comply with the expectations of the mentor couple, or to fulfill the requirements of the church for our marriage, but to seek out God’s will for our life together.

We both realize that God wants us to maximize our joy and abundance in marriage. Therefore, we will search God’s Word together to fully understand what His design is for us as husband and wife.

We know that it is inconsistent to willingly engage in sin and, at the same time, try to discern God’s will for our lives. We know that sexual intimacy outside of marriage is disobedient to His Word. We have chosen to set up boundaries and abstain from (or continue to abstain from) sexual intimacy until we are married.

We also understand that it is quite possible that up to this point in our relationship, we have misread the signs of God’s direction in our lives. Therefore, it might become apparent through the premarital mentoring process that we should either postpone our wedding plans or possibly end our engagement.

Again, we realize, that our premarital mentoring is a vital part of the marriage preparation process. We both fully commit to being faithful in giving that process the priority it so richly deserves. We commit to attending the mentoring sessions and completing the assigned work on time.