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Welcome to Southwest Church... Online.

Southwest Church Online exists to welcome, encourage and connect people to their next step in a gospel-transformed life. Everything we do and all we offer is from the freedom found in what Jesus has already done. So yes, we desire to build community around content, amazing experiences, helpful services and resources, but our main focus is to expose people to the message of the gospel and the life-transforming power it can bring to their lives.

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Discover the easiest way to experience Southwest anytime, from anywhere! You can catch up with our most current message or pick from a variety of previously recorded messages... all in one, easy place!


Great question! You can simply head over to and click the little "hamburger" icon in the upper left corner of the screen to log in.

The answer is YES! Our SW Livestream option allows you to watch Southwest Church weekend messages LIVE online as it happens in the room. Our SW Online option is a pre-recorded intentionally designed to reach those who might not ever step foot in our building with the good news of the gospel. We view our online worship and Live worship experiences as completely different worship expressions and are meant to be experienced differently. We understand that some elements of a live experience do not translate well to a digital experience, and we are okay with that! By pre-recording the message, our pastors and worship team can be very intentional about the way they deliver content to our digital audiences, allowing them to respond or to engage accordingly.

We intentionally create our online weekend services to be attended through our church online platform at, but we also offer a special, pre-recorded option on our Southwest Youtube channel as well.

You can contact our communication team by email at or you can reach us by phone at (760) 200-2000.


We might be partial, but we believe that Southwest Church Online is one of the EASIEST ways to make a HUGE impact in peoples lives. Thanks to our volunteers, we have countless opportunities to welcome, connect, encourage and pray for people all over the globe! This volunteer opportunity reaches far beyond the walls of a local church and all it requires is a wifi connection and a little bit of your time!